Frailty progression in Stages of Reproductive Aging: a prospective study in HIV infected women entering menopause

Nicoletta Riva

The aim of this study was to describe health profile change in HIV women entering menopause through description of frailty index (FI) distribution in the pre menopause, in the transition period and in the early and late menopause period.

Observational retrospective study of consecutive HIV+ women in reproductive period who entered menopause attending Modena HIV Metabolic Clinic MHMC.

Reproductive, transition, early and late menopause status was classified according Stages of Reproductive Aging according to STRAW criteria. Frailty was operationalized using the accumulation of deficit principle using a validated 37-item Frailty Index. Distributions of frailty index scores were visualized in a Lowess curves categorized in stages of reproductive ageing in women according to time pre and post menopause.

A total of 131 HIV+ women were included accounting for 579 FI evaluations.
A dynamic changes in FI values over time, with rapid increases of FI in the first 3 years after onset of menopause and subsequent stabilization.

Frailty across menopause describes a changing health profile of women in this physiological aging process. This dynamic behavior reinforce the idea that the early menopause period is an important time period were to intensify effective health intervention. Future studies are needed to demonstrate the clinical of FI in clinical practice.

Simone Agnello
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