Ecco le 40 Comunicazioni Orali finalisti dell'edizione 2016!

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    Di seguito riportiamo l’elenco delle Comunicazioni Orali selezionate che saranno presentate a Roma. Tutti i poster inviati sono stati accettati per il Final Contest, la prossima settimana ne pubblicheremo l’elenco dettagliato.

    • ANTONELLI Alberto |Firenze • First detection of a multiresistance transposon of original structure harbouring cfr gene and a novel putative efflux pump in a linezolid-resistant MRSA

    • BAI Francesca | Milano • Factors associated with anal/cervical HPV infection and dysplasia in a cohort of HIV-infected male and female patients

    • BARTOLETTI Michele | Bologna • Bloodstream infection in cirrhotic patients: a prospective multicenter study (Bichrome)

    • BERTOLDI Alessia | Bologna • Longitudinal evaluation of reservoir size decay in naïve HIV patients starting ART

    • BOGLIONE Lucio | Torino • Treatment with daclatasvir and sofosbuvir for 24 weeks without ribavirin in cirrhotic patients who failed first-generation protease inhibitors

    • BOZZI Giorgio | Milano • No Evidence of Ongoing Replication in Tissue Compartments During Combination Antiretroviral Therapy

    • CANNIZZO Stefania E. | Milano • Role of microbial translocation in HIV infected patients during suppressive Antiretroviral Therapy (cART) and causal relationship with HIV-driven bone impairment

    • CENTO Valeria | Roma • High efficacy of HCV resistance-guided retreatment strategies after protease inhibitors failure in real-life settings

    • CORCIONE Silvia| Torino • Antimicrobial Stewardship in a Long Term Acute Care Hospital Using Offsite Electronic Medical Record Audit

    • D’ABRAMO Alessandra | Roma • Higher Levels of Osteoprotegerin and Immune Activation/Immunosenescence Markers Are Correlated with Concomitant Bone and Endovascular Damage in HIV-Suppressed Patients

    • DE PASCALIS Stefania | Napoli • ITPase activity modulates the severity of anemia in patients with hcv-related cirrhosis treated with ribavirin-containing IFN-free regimens

    • DE ROSA Annalisa | Roma • Extensively drug resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa: a study on carbapenem resistance mechanisms

    • DEL PUENTE Filippo | Genova • Bone status evaluation by QUS in patients perinatally infected with HIV-1. A longitudinal study from childhood to early adult age

    • DI CRISTO Valentina | Milano • Factors involved in continuance of atazanavir-based regimens : results from a cohort of HIV1-positive patients

    • DI GENNARO Francesco | Bari • The sound of TB: role of lung ultrasound in the diagnosis and follow-up of pulmonary tuberculosis in resource limited settings

    • FOCA’ Emanuele | Brescia • Liver fibrosis progression and clinical outcomes are intertwined: role of CD4+ T-cell count and NRTI exposure from a large cohort of HIV/HCV co-infected patients with detectable HCV RNA. A MASTER Cohort study

    • GIACOBBE Daniele Roberto | Genova • Lower sensitivity of serum (1,3)-beta-D-glucan for the diagnosis of candidemia due to Candida parapsilosis

    • GIROMETTI Nicolò | Bologna • Outcomes of acutely HIV-1 infected individuals following rapid antiretroviral therapy initiation.

    • IANNETTA Marco | Roma • Natalizumab affects T-cell phenotype in multiple sclerosis: implications for JCV reactivation

    • LAGI Filippo | Firenze • Proposal for a New Score-Based Approach To Improve Efficiency of Diagnostic Laboratory Workflow for Acute Bacterial Meningitis in Adults

    • MACERA Margherita | Napoli • CB2-63 polymorphism and immune-mediated diseases associated with HCV chronic infection

    • MALAGNINO Vincenzo | Roma • Emerging genotype E of Hepatitis B Virus in Young African migrants in Rome: new clinical and virological settings

    • MAZZANTI Sara | Ancona • Epidemiologia, caratteristiche cliniche e mortalità della candidemia nell’età avanzata

    • MAZZITELLI Maria | Catanzaro • Studio CARDIAC: (CARdiac DIseases in Antiviral therapy for HCV). Valutazione della funzionalità cardiaca in pazienti con infezione da HCV in trattamento con nuovi DAA

    • MENOZZI Marianna | Modena • CD4/CD8 ratio matters to age related health outcomes in HIV infected patients with comorbidities, frailty and disability.

    • MERLINI Esther | Milano • Association Between Mucosal-Associated Invariant T (MAIT) Cells and Gut Microbiome: Friend or Foe in Chronic Viral Infections?

    • MUSUMECI Giuseppina | Bologna • M48U1 and Tenofovir combination synergistically inhibits HIV-1 infection in activated PBMCs and human cervicovaginal histocultures

    • ONORATO Lorenzo | Napoli • Occult HBV infection in HCC and cirrhotic tissue of HBsAg-negative patients: a virological and clinical study

    • PASCALE Renato | Bologna • Tigecycline, an ecological choice? Retrospective cohort study of colonization or infection risk with Carbapenems-Resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae or Clostridium difficile following antibiotic treatment of intra-abdominal infection

    • RINALDI Francesca | Pavia • Medical treatment versus “Watch and Wait” in the clinical management of CE3b echinococcal cysts of the liver

    • RONZI Paola | Milano • Attività e tossicità in vitro dei composti peptidomimetici biciclici come inibitori della proteasi di HIV-1

    • RUGGIERO Alessandra | Liverpool • During stably suppressive antiretroviral therapy integrated HIV-1 DNA load in peripheral blood is associated with the frequency of CD8 cells expressing HLA-DR/DP/DQ

    • SALADINI Francesco | Siena • Preliminary evaluation of antiviral activity of candidate HIV inhibitors targeting human DDX3 protein

    • SATTA Giovanni | Londra • Genetic variation in Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates from a London outbreak associated with isoniazid resistance

    • STRAZZULLA Alessio | Catanzaro • Is neutrophil gelatinase associated lipocalin useful in hepatitis C virus infection?

    • SVICHER Valentina | Roma • Identification and Characterization of Specific Genetic Elements in HBV Surface Glycoprotein correlated with Hepatocellular Carcinoma: An In Vivo and In Vitro Analysis

    • TURRINI Filippo | Milano • The HIV-1 Transcriptional Repressor TRIM22 Is a Novel Determinant of Proviral Latency and Disease Progression

    • VELOCI Sara | Firenze • HBV in gravidanza: analisi di una popolazione di 213 gestanti e valutazione dell’outcome dei nati da donne con elevata viremia presso l’Azienda Ospedaliero Universitaria Careggi, Firenze.

    • VENANZI-RULLO Emmanuele | Messina • Amfotericina in aerosol per il trattamento dell’aspergillosi polmonare invasiva, uno studio di coorte retrospettivo osservazionale”

    • ZAMMARCHI Lorenzo | Firenze • A scoping review of cost-effectiveness of screening and treatment for latent tubercolosis infection in migrants from high-incidence countries

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